Sometimes, people have trouble just focusing on a movie, and they want to do something else at the same time. Some people might text their friends, or check their email, or play with a pet. Others might want to play a game on their computer. There are many different options for games to play while watching a movie, from clash royale PC to Bubble Witch.

If you want to play a game on your PC while watching a movie, it is probably best to pick one that doesn’t require a lot of attention, and isn’t time sensitive. That way, you won’t risk losing if you end up getting sucked into what’s happening in the movie, and you also have less of a chance of missing an important part of the movie by being too focused on the game. Of course, if the movie is a boring one, then that widens your options quite a bit, as the purpose of the game would more likely be to distract you from the movie.

There is also the possibility of playing a game that is related to the movie in some way. It could be just semi related, such as a game that is of the same genre as the movie, or even closely related, such as, if applicable, playing the game that the movie was based on, or vice versa. It’s also an option to play a quiz game centered around the movie or genre of movie that you’re watching.

In the end, if you decide to play a game while you’re watching a movie, it doesn’t really matter that much what the game is, or what the movie is. The most important thing is to have fun, and to get as much enjoyment as possible out of both the game and the movie.