Mary Pickford


America's Sweetheart
Mary Pickford (Gladys Smith) was born  on April 8th, 
1892 in Toronto, Canada. Her  Father was an alcoholic,
and died shortly after abandoning his  family. To avoid
financial ruin, Mary's Mother Charlotte got Mary  and her
Sister Lottie and Brother Jack, into showbusiness. Mary
was a great success and appeared on Broadway under
the management ofDavid-Belasco who changed her name
to Mary Pickford.

Even though of her stage success, money was still tight  so
she decided to go into the fledgling movie industry. She went to the Biograph company on 14th Street in N. Y., and met Director D. W. Griffith who put her to work for him in 1908. Mary was a success, and by 1910 she was known as the leading lady of Biograph. Mary's friends Lillian and Dorothy Gish visited her at Biograph and they also were soon Working there, too. Lillian soon became more popular than Mary, and soon after Mary married Biograph leading man Owen Moore, and left  Biograph in 1912.

After Mary left Biograph, she was under several different
contracts to studios trying to get more and more money.
In 1917 she went on tour to sell Liberty Bonds during World
War I, where she met her future husband, Douglas Fairbanks, the swash-buckling matinee idol. In 1919 she, along with Douglas Fairbanks, Director D. W. Griffith, and comedian Charlie Chaplin, formed Untied Artists Pictures.

Mary and Douglas named their home Pickfair, combining
their names. Pickfair became the party palace of Los -Angeles. They traveled the world together and seemed like the ideal couple. Unfortunately, they separated in 1929 and were divorced in 1936. In 1937 Mary married actor Charles -"BUDDY" Rogers.

Mary retired from acting in 1933, but not before winning
an Academy Award for her role in "Coquette". While in
retirement she donated her time to several charities, started her own line of make-up, and helped incorporate Beverly Hills into its own city. She was offered the part of Norma Desmond in the movie "Sunset Boulevard", but turned it down. Mary became a recluse in Pickfair, but in 1976 received the Academy Awards Life Achievement Awards. It was to be her last public appearance. She died 1979 at the age of 87.