Here we are twenty-two years after the first Mission: Impossible movie wowed viewers, and Tom Cruise is once again lighting the fuse on his character Ethan Hunt.

The movie opens in Belfast, there is a knock on the door, some code words are exchanged and Ethan is handed the briefing for his newest mission—should he decide to accept it. Basically, there is a bad guy terrorist that has built three nuclear bombs and is threatening to set them off in the attempt to “reset” the world.

The next scene shows Ethan, Benji and Luther in Berlin attempting to take possession of three plutonium orbs that are destined to be used in the nuclear bombs mentioned earlier. Through a series of events that play out, they lose possession of the plutonium which then sets up the premise for the rest of the movie.

There are plenty of action scenes, but what this installment lacks is that heart-pounding, nail-biting, hovering on the edge of your seat feeling that viewers have come to expect from the franchise.

As for the fight scenes, Cruise is matched up against Cavill in several tussles throughout the movie and the viewer is expected to suspend belief and actually think Cruise could take Cavill in a fight.

We are introduced to a faceless terrorist at the beginning of the movie, but it is no time until the viewer deduces who the individual is, which adds no suspense to the story at all. It was simply too easy to figure out who the faceless terrorist was, and that came down to some really bad scriptwriting.

It took the storyline at least a good 1 to 1 ½ hours of boring, low toned scenes to lead into the actual action. Then after that, the action scenes were lacking in, well, action.

This movie just does not seem to be one that you would expect for this franchise. The viewers deserved better for their hard earned money.