Let’s be honest, not all parts of a movie are interesting enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. This is why many of us multitask while watching movies. This is not wrong, per se. It probably is a little distracting to the others if you were to text your friends or check emails in a movie theatre, but if you’re at home, casually watching a movie that you randomly picked out from Netflix, you might want to split your attention to a desktop game (I know, not all of us actually have a healthy social habit to text our friends).

The choice of your desktop game is important when it comes to multitasking while watching a movie. Playing an epic multiplayer online game isn’t going to work here, you can’t possibly focus on the action on your big screen as well as the smaller screen.┬áIf you want to play a game on your PC while watching a movie, it is probably best to pick one that doesn’t require a lot of attention and isn’t time sensitive.

Choose something relaxing like online Fishing Games or simple Word Games – anything that isn’t too intense. That way, you won’t risk losing if you end up getting sucked into what’s happening in the movie, and you also have less of a chance of missing an important part of the movie by being too focused on the game. Of course, if the movie is a boring one, then that widens your options quite a bit, as the purpose of the game would more likely be to distract you from the movie.