Ken Jeong, a famous actor as well as comedian, had to stop his set recording in Phoenix to attend to a woman in his audience who was having a seizure.

It was dark, and everything was quiet then suddenly, there was a commotion in the third row. A female member of his audience had a suffered a seizure.

Unfortunately, for many of the show’s audience members, it all looked like a joke or something that was part of the set. For the comedian, he thought that this was just one of the bad days you get heckled by fans. He was already trying to put off the woman as is the norm with comedians when they get heckled.

But this wasn’t the case, and immediately he realized that it was a matter of life and death, he sprang into action and gave the woman first aid. Seizure patients should be restrained and kept safe, and this is precisely what Ken Jeong did.

Also during the incident, there was an off-duty EMT professional who worked with Ken to keep the patient under control while waiting for the paramedics. The local EMT team arrived and took control of the situation. It was a matter of minutes before the lady was up on her feet again. Ken had already gone back to continue with the set which was a success at the end of the day!

Well, it’s not like Ken just learned emergency first aid, he is a qualified doctor licensed to operate in California. The ‘Community’ and ‘Hangover’ star has a medical degree though he is not actively practicing medicine.

A seizure is a central nervous system disorder that over 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with every year. If a seizure victim is not restrained, they could injure themselves because of the uncontrolled convulsions and muscle spasms.