Laughter is the best medicine – fact. It has been scientifically proven that a hearty laugh relieves stress and physical tension, thereby boosting your immune system, as well as enhancing muscle relaxation.

Well, this is basically what comedy movies try to achieve indirectly. Comedy is a film genre that uses humor as the motive force. The primary goal of a comedy movie is to make the audience laugh through the character behavior and story. Most of the time, comedy tends to be a hybrid sub-genre, as it can be incorporated into many other movie types such as action and drama.

Types and Forms of Comedy Films


This is the earliest form of comedy film that ever existed since the invention of motion pictures. The most striking characteristic of this comedy film genre is that it isn’t accompanied by sound. The term “slapstick” was derived from the wooden stick that clowns used to slap to encourage audience applause.

It is both a universal and simplistic form of comedy that used mostly aggression and visual action to create humor. Examples of slapstick include the movies of Laurel and Hardy.

Parody Comedy

This type of comedy is also called charades, spoof, put-ons or mockumentaries. The main concept of this genre is the use of impersonation, ridicule and mimics to create humor. Thus, it can be based on somebody, or something or an event that happened. Examples include; “Silver Streak”, a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock’s train pictures, and “Airplane”, a parody of the Airport series just to mention a couple.

Black comedy

This is categorized as a comedy, although it includes instances of satire. One striking feature of black comedy is that it turns concepts and ideas that are termed as taboo into comedy. Due to these facts, this genre makes the audience laugh and uncomfortable at the same time. A good example of black comedy is the film “Very Bad Things (1998)” by Peter Berg.