Drama film genre is a narration or a presentation of a real-life situation using characters in conflict. The conflict can be within the characters themselves or with nature or with other characters. Basically, drama genre realizes on character relational development and emotions to create a relevant situation or character. This genre portrays humanity at their worst, best and anything amidst.

Drama films are probably the largest genre of movies since they cover a wide scope of the film industry. Drama movie’s plot is taken from real life issues with the aim of telling the audience the real story of humankind life struggle.

Drama uses themes that are often current or recurring issues that affect the society and the audience can relate to. These themes include;

  • Injustices
  • Addictions
  • Poverty
  • Politics
  • Corruption
  • Religious intolerance

Dramas have been successful due to the fact that they take advantage of trending subjects or issues in society.

Historical drama

This is a sub-genre of drama movie that studies a specific event in historical time or group of people. The main objectives of a Historical drama movie are to remind, teach and caution the current generation of using past events. However, films tend to focus more on hyped events, societies such as wars, kings and major politicians, hence sometimes biased. Example of historical drama movie is “The Vikings series”.


This genre is a dramatic movie that employs the use of comedy elements. It uses humor to address a serious issue in society. The difference between comedy and dramedy in layman’s language is that the latter is more of a drama than a comedy. Example of this genre is “Little Miss Sunshine”.


This type of genre is based in and around the subject of love. It explores the complexity of love and characters in love. In many occasions, the plot is formed on an obstacle that thwarts the effort of a character or characters in love.