In some occasions, watching a movie that is drama packed can be so emotional and electrifying ride that it’s hard to get your mind off it afterward. Seeing something related to the drama movie you’ve watched can send memories of it to your brain making it occupied with thoughts of the same for hours. You are not experiencing this alone, nonetheless, with a few tricks, you can get rid of this kind of ponder and calm your mind down.

Put your focus something unrelated to the movie

After the drama movie, try and limit your focus to something unrelated to the movie. This will direct your mind off and help you calm down. There are a lot of ways of doing this and one is to think of a happy past experience or memory that is totally unrelated to the drama you have feasted your eyes on.

You can try and find an object around you and focus on it. Think of ways you can describe it to someone. With a simple set of question about the object such as its color or shape will direct your mind off the movie. You can also try to download and play shooting games that are intense enough to keep your mind off the emotional rollercoaster you’d just went through.

Try other mind relaxing activities

Yoga, meditation and positive visualization help relax the sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of your brain that is responsible for responding to such experience of scare and thrill. It responds in a way that causes your heart rate to elevate and trigger the body to release adrenaline.

Additionally, concentrating on your breath can direct your body to a tranquil state where your body, mind, and soul can calm down. Most people use this technique when stressed, scared or even emotionally vulnerable. Slowly and silently count your breath or whisper “in” while breathing in and “out” while breathing out.