The drama genre has a pretty far-reaching definition. Every movie is pretty much a drama, but there are subheadings to the genre as well such as fantasy, historical, action or even comedy. No matter what subheading a movie falls under, there are certain elements that a true drama must contain to remain within the parameters of the genre.

What Constitutes A Drama

A film or movie has to include a few key elements to be classified in the drama genre. A drama will take the intense issues of real life, and plug them into, and contribute a large part, to the overall plot. The drama also needs to have realistic characters, who present both emotional and relationship issues within the storyline as well.

The Key Elements Of A Drama

All dramas follow the same development form not matter who pens them. They generally start with an introduction to the main characters and the issue or plight they are facing. The storyline then ramps ups, presenting the overall conflict which then culminates into the climax. After that, the story will take a downward swing, that will lead to the resolution and conclusion.

Types of Drama

As already stated above, a drama can contain multiple subheadings that also fall within the genre. The may include your usual comedies, action movies, fantasy, historical retellings, adventure and finally crime. These are all dramas, but the manner in which the story is told is what sets them apart from one another. Comedies are more laid back, as action movies tend to progress at a faster pace. Historical retellings are usually more dependent on the time period and its setting, as are the fantasy type dramas. Crime dramas are set more in the present day, and in most cases based on actual events. It is the diversity of each subheading that makes it unique from the other, yet still remaining in the same genre.